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Brammo and Electric Vehicle Grants August 6, 2009

On my drive this morning, I was listening to NPR 850 KOA and heard an update on the electric vehicle grants Obama is looking to implement.  According to the Denver Post

“Obama announced that the recreational vehicle company’s new owner, Navistar International Corp., had won a $39 million grant to build 400 electric-battery trucks. That means work in an RV-heavy region crushed by the recession, where unemployment has jumped so high so fast that Obama called it “astonishing””

Electric vehicles are popping up every where. Or maybe it’s the Joshua Tree Principle?  I find it interesting that America prides itself in being a world leader, and we are so far behind when it comes to technology.  For example, the Japanese cell phone has been demonstrating the features of an iPhone for years.  Now, some use it as their credit or debit card, simply “swiping their cell.”

Whether or not Obama’s plan is the right way to accomplish the inevitable, I’m not one to say.  But his previous statements followed with the awarding of $2.4 billion in grants toward the production of electric and hybrid cars, part of his proposed stimulus plan.


Brammo couldn’t have picked a better time to penetrate the industry and re ally set the standards.


CP+B Interns, working with Brammo, Music Video August 5, 2009

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It doesn’t get any better than this.  Really. 


Brammo’s New Sound July 31, 2009

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As I have said before, Brammo needs a sound.  Just like everything else.  Can you think of any electronic that doesn’t have its own sound?  That was one of the things I noticed when I demoed the powercycle, I turned the key but couldn’t tell if it was on or not.  Check out the (un)official sound competition and submit your sounds.

Check out the site here and see some of what people have submitted.

Picture 10With your submissions, please include the name of the sound, the placement- start up, idle, power down- and your name.  Send your submissions to me, and I’ll pass along to the right people.

If you need a place to download free software check out this link, it’s what I am using to make my submissions with.


What the Brammo can offer you July 30, 2009

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Since the Enertia is a computer more or less that you ride, let’s talk about what it can do for you.  Isn’t that the question everyone asks, “what’s in it for me?”

Want to ride greener, ok change the setting.  How about faster, you can do that too… all of the features are adjustable and customizable to your personal preferences.

Think about this.  You find the perfect route.  Hills, corners, turns… all within your range.  Map it. Video tape it. All from your powercycle.

This is just a brief glimpse of what this awesome electronic can offer you.

I’d show a screen shot of what’s going on… however, I have to leave you wanting more.  That way, you come back.


Brammo Launch Date Announced

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August. 2009.  Be on the look out.


Brammo in Best Buys….

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Interested in when? We should know soon


A glimpse into Brammo Dashboard July 29, 2009

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Thanks to Mike Ackerman we have the first viewing of what the Brammo dashboard could look like.  It’s a great design Mike, can’t wait to see where it goes!sound comp