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Brammo and Electric Vehicle Grants August 6, 2009

On my drive this morning, I was listening to NPR 850 KOA and heard an update on the electric vehicle grants Obama is looking to implement.  According to the Denver Post

“Obama announced that the recreational vehicle company’s new owner, Navistar International Corp., had won a $39 million grant to build 400 electric-battery trucks. That means work in an RV-heavy region crushed by the recession, where unemployment has jumped so high so fast that Obama called it “astonishing””

Electric vehicles are popping up every where. Or maybe it’s the Joshua Tree Principle?  I find it interesting that America prides itself in being a world leader, and we are so far behind when it comes to technology.  For example, the Japanese cell phone has been demonstrating the features of an iPhone for years.  Now, some use it as their credit or debit card, simply “swiping their cell.”

Whether or not Obama’s plan is the right way to accomplish the inevitable, I’m not one to say.  But his previous statements followed with the awarding of $2.4 billion in grants toward the production of electric and hybrid cars, part of his proposed stimulus plan.


Brammo couldn’t have picked a better time to penetrate the industry and re ally set the standards.


What is the Brammo? July 15, 2009

Available at Best Buy the Brammo Enertia is a fully electric powercycle designed for a 45 minute round trip destination.  At 275 pounds its slim but sturdy fit can accommodate someone like me at 5’3″ or someone like Craig Bramscher who’s over 6 feet tall.  With averages speed of 40-50 miles per hour and 100% instant torque this is the commuters new toy.  I was surprised at how easy this was to ride- at 18-25 horsepower (comparable to a Ninja 250) and a single speed gear, it really was a breeze.

This electric machine can do wheelies and upload your latest iTunes play list.  Think of this as a computer you can ride.  With 250 electronic parts, the Best Buy Geek Squad is the expert.

If you owned an Enertia, how would you like to get it fixed or worked on?  Or if there were softwear updates avaiblable how would you like to upload and access this information and news?