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Brammo’s New Sound July 31, 2009

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As I have said before, Brammo needs a sound.  Just like everything else.  Can you think of any electronic that doesn’t have its own sound?  That was one of the things I noticed when I demoed the powercycle, I turned the key but couldn’t tell if it was on or not.  Check out the (un)official sound competition and submit your sounds.

Check out the site here and see some of what people have submitted.

Picture 10With your submissions, please include the name of the sound, the placement- start up, idle, power down- and your name.  Send your submissions to me, and I’ll pass along to the right people.

If you need a place to download free software check out this link, it’s what I am using to make my submissions with.


A glimpse into Brammo Dashboard July 29, 2009

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Thanks to Mike Ackerman we have the first viewing of what the Brammo dashboard could look like.  It’s a great design Mike, can’t wait to see where it goes!sound comp


What makes a “biker” ? July 27, 2009

So, as you can see from my poll below most of you are saying you Have to be a Biker to ride a form of 2-wheeled transportation.  That being said, what qualities make up a biker?  Do you have to have tatoos? Work in your garage? More riding boots than dress shoes?  Or did you interpret that question to be a biker- as in pedal bikes?  Comment and let me know!


Demo the Brammo July 15, 2009

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Here’s what I’m thinking.  Every Sunday there is a group of us who go to brunch, and it seems every other restaurant in the city has something similar going.  Brammo Brunch- ride before you eat.  Show up for the demo ride and receive a free Brammo Brunch and T-Shirt.  Bring a group of 5 and check out the city together Brammo Style.