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Good Point Luther. Brammo July 29, 2009

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Luther makes a very good point.


Brammo in Best Buy? At that price? July 28, 2009

People seem to be very confused when Brammo was announced to be distributed through Best Buy.  Best Buy is an electronic store. They are known for leading the pack in innovation and standing on the edge of cutting technology.  If someone is looking for the latest and greatest… where do they go? Best Buy.

“But Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn defended the biker excursion as just the type of venture the company needs to test as it retunes its retail formula amid changing technological trends.” Stated the Wall Street Journal.

The Brammo Enertia is an electronic.  Moreover, how many people visit the most prominent motorcycle shop?  Now compare their BEST day to the amount of foot traffic a Best Buy has.  The number of people who stroll through motorcycle shops doesn’t even come close to comparing to the number of people who visit Best Buy.

How does Brammo “justify” the price?  The same way Apple did when they released the first iPod at $600.00, or the astronomical pricing of the first plasma screen TV’s.  Leading technology is expensive. It has to be.  Eventually the price will come down and better models and upgrades will be available… just like everything else.  What about the recession?

“Best Buy has been weathering the recession better than some retailers, and said last month that it boosted its already leading market share in the U.S. by two percentage points during the three months ending in April, as it picked up business from its former rival, Circuit City Stores Inc., which closed in March.”

Yes ‘times’ are tough, yes Best Buy seems like they are taking on huge ‘unusual‘ addition.  Best Buy has a history of sharp turns that have kept it ahead of competitors.


What makes a “biker” ? July 27, 2009

So, as you can see from my poll below most of you are saying you Have to be a Biker to ride a form of 2-wheeled transportation.  That being said, what qualities make up a biker?  Do you have to have tatoos? Work in your garage? More riding boots than dress shoes?  Or did you interpret that question to be a biker- as in pedal bikes?  Comment and let me know!


The BIG Question July 24, 2009

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Brammo at Best Buy July 15, 2009

Lots of news articles over the past couple days about the Brammo Enertia going on sale at Best Buy this month.  Looks like the originally-reported sale debut, July 5, has been delayed a bit.  No official word on when the new, actual, for-real day will be, but Brammofan-watchers will be among the first to know.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Best Buy:

is throttling up the venture this summer with the introduction of the Brammo Enertia, a futuristic electric motorcycle that can travel 45 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Best Buy wouldn’t disclose when it will begin selling the motorcycle, but Brammo Inc. representatives said it would debut in a Portland store this month.

And, this morning, the Los Angeles Times said:

This month it will broaden its electric vehicle offerings with the first electric motorcycle to be sold in a brick-and-mortar store — the Enertia by Brammo Inc., an Ashland, Ore., company in which Best Buy Co. Inc. has invested $10 million.

* * *

Test rides are available in the parking lot, just outside the store’s car-stereo installation bay.

“Most customers see the bikes for the first time when they walk in the store. People aren’t sure how to take it, but they’re definitely really excited. They ask a lot of questions,” said Martinez, who has sold eight EVs in the month her store has been offering them.

Coupled with this accurately-reported news was an item on this morning which said that the bikes were on sale currently at the Portland, OR Best Buy.  Many readers picked it up and proceeded to tweet it, mercilessly.  Unless Brammo slipped this one under the Brammofan Radar, it’s just another example of, dare I say it: false information on the Internets.


(Un)official Sound Competition

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Upload your own and hear others  sounds for the start-up of the Brammo.

Why does Brammo need a sound?  For one thing it is a little hard to tell if it is on or not.  When I got on it the first time couldn’t tell!  With the only step to make it go being the twist of the handle- a sound is c.  What sound does your computer make when it powers up? How about our cell phone?  Both have identifiable tunes- what sound does the Brammo make?


Demo the Brammo

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Here’s what I’m thinking.  Every Sunday there is a group of us who go to brunch, and it seems every other restaurant in the city has something similar going.  Brammo Brunch- ride before you eat.  Show up for the demo ride and receive a free Brammo Brunch and T-Shirt.  Bring a group of 5 and check out the city together Brammo Style.