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Brammo’s New Sound July 31, 2009

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As I have said before, Brammo needs a sound.  Just like everything else.  Can you think of any electronic that doesn’t have its own sound?  That was one of the things I noticed when I demoed the powercycle, I turned the key but couldn’t tell if it was on or not.  Check out the (un)official sound competition and submit your sounds.

Check out the site here and see some of what people have submitted.

Picture 10With your submissions, please include the name of the sound, the placement- start up, idle, power down- and your name.  Send your submissions to me, and I’ll pass along to the right people.

If you need a place to download free software check out this link, it’s what I am using to make my submissions with.


(Un)official Sound Competition July 15, 2009

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Upload your own and hear others  sounds for the start-up of the Brammo.

Why does Brammo need a sound?  For one thing it is a little hard to tell if it is on or not.  When I got on it the first time couldn’t tell!  With the only step to make it go being the twist of the handle- a sound is c.  What sound does your computer make when it powers up? How about our cell phone?  Both have identifiable tunes- what sound does the Brammo make?