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(Un)official Sound Competition July 15, 2009

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Upload your own and hear others  sounds for the start-up of the Brammo.

Why does Brammo need a sound?  For one thing it is a little hard to tell if it is on or not.  When I got on it the first time couldn’t tell!  With the only step to make it go being the twist of the handle- a sound is c.  What sound does your computer make when it powers up? How about our cell phone?  Both have identifiable tunes- what sound does the Brammo make?


3 Responses to “(Un)official Sound Competition”

  1. Jacque Says:

    I want sound for safety… I plan on riding my Brammo more in local downtown city environs and I want pedestrians & bicycle riders to have some sort of indication that I may be coming up on them or over-taking them. Sound (beyond the horn) would be nice.

  2. Jacque Says:

    And here’s a suggested sound for that – in .wav format

    • theelectricbliss Says:

      This is great thanks- please let me know if you would like to add a sound name, or your name to your entry.

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